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Entrepreneur, digital designer, lead gen guru & complexity researcher.

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User acquisition and retention.

Learn more about how to grow and retain a large user base and audience. You can download all of my predictive models, marketing workflows, and more.

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Experimental growth strategies.

With the a constantly evolving tech landscape, cracking the code of growth is difficult. I'll delve into experimental growth strategies that I'm constantly developing.

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Design fundamentals.

Well-considered design changes our lives. I believe that all technical marketers should consider design to be another tool that they can use to acquire and retain users.

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I help companies achieve intelligent growth by studying and deconstructing complex systems.

I create frameworks, workflows, and experimental methodologies that have helped companies of all sizes achieve authentic, sustainable, and explosive growth. On this site, I publish all of the best insights from the projects I'm working on. 

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Here are my growth insights.


The Economics of CX

Here, I discuss how well-designed customer experience increases the LTV of each customer, therefore, improving the health of your organization.

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The CAC Bathtub

In this essay, I delve into a more dynamic and flexible way to predict and calculate CAC/LTV. You can also download my modular CAC/LTV model to help make better predictions about the health of your business.

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The Intersection of User Acquisition and User Research

In this essay, I explain my framework and methodology concerning the importance of user research before launching a product. 

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About Me

I’m like the trees. I grow while no one is watching.

I'm the Founder and CEO of chickpea, a West Hollywood-based growth marketing accelerator that combines services and software. We help early stage companies achieve authentic, sustainable, and explosive growth - we call this ‘intelligent’ growth.

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